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About Dronespect

Dronespect is a leading drone services provider in Australia, established in 2019 by pioneers passionate about aerial technology and innovation. We specialize in integrating drone technology with urban development and construction projects, aiming to revolutionize these industries through innovative applications. Our services, including 3D mapping, precision surveys, and construction progress mapping, are enhanced by our expertise in environmental science, city planning, and cybersecurity.


Our highly qualified team is recognized for their strong academic backgrounds and professional affiliations in environmental and scientific institutes. With advanced degrees and studies in Environmental Science, City Planning, and Cyber Security, we offer a unique blend of skills that deliver actionable intelligence and detailed insights essential for the success of our clients' projects.


At Dronespect, we leverage cutting-edge drone technology and AI to ensure superior service quality that exceeds client expectations. Our commitment to security and innovation drives us to integrate the latest cybersecurity measures, safeguarding project integrity. As we lead the way in drone applications for better and smarter construction and urban planning, we invite our partners to join us in shaping a more efficient and insightful future.

Meet the Team

Connor Dronespect

Connor Pritchard - Director

Connor is a dedicated drone pilot with a primary focus on revolutionising the construction industry through 3D mapping and an array of other innovative drone applications. Armed with a Bachelor of Environmental Science from Griffith University and active memberships in the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) and Soil Science Australia (SSA), he brings a unique blend of environmental insight and drone technology.

Connor’s journey also includes recently completing a Master of City Planning at Bond University, which enhances his ability to integrate cutting-edge drone solutions into urban development. While his roots are in environmental science, his passion lies in harnessing the power of drones to drive progress.

In his current role, Connor leverages drone expertise to support residential and commercial development initiatives. His responsibilities encompass the entire spectrum of drone applications, from 3D mapping to precision surveys and beyond. By seamlessly blending technology with planning, He is committed to delivering innovative solutions that elevate projects to new heights.

Luke Dronespect

Luke Pritchard - Drone Pilot

Meet Luke Pritchard, our skilled drone pilot at Dronespect, where cutting-edge technology meets construction progress mapping. Luke is not only adept at navigating the skies but is also immersed in a Diploma of Cyber Security, paving the way for innovative integration within our team.

In construction mapping, Luke’s precision and attention to detail elevate our services. His drone expertise provides invaluable insights for project stakeholders, ensuring we deliver actionable intelligence. Simultaneously, Luke is at the forefront of fusing cybersecurity measures seamlessly into our operations, enhancing the safety and success of every mission.

As a key member of our team, Luke envisions a future where technology and security converge effortlessly. Join us on this exciting journey, where Luke Pritchard and the Dronespect team redefine the boundaries of construction progress mapping and technology integration.

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