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Explore the forefront of Surveying and Mapping with Dronespect’s comprehensive range of services. We specialize in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), drone surveys, and land surveys tailored for precision and efficiency. Our advanced drone services extend to stockpile volumetric analysis, slope monitoring, and LIDAR technologies, ensuring detailed contour mapping and robust urban planning solutions. Our deliverables, including orthomosaic maps, 3D point clouds, digital elevation models (DEM), and digital terrain models (DTM), provide centimeter-level precision. Enhance your projects with our volumetric analysis and measurements, and experience cutting-edge drone inspection and drone construction photography that redefine industry standards


Our Services

Our Services


Discover unparalleled precision with Dronespect’s Aerial Inspection services, a leader in drone inspection and drone services. Our comprehensive drone inspections cover a variety of critical infrastructure assets, including power lines, wind turbines, solar panels, bridges, and railway tracks. Utilizing advanced visual and thermal imaging techniques, we expertly identify, monitor, and assess any damage, ensuring detailed and reliable assessments. Our drone services harness the latest in UAV technology to provide thorough inspections and actionable insights, enhancing the safety and maintenance of your valuable assets

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Drone Inspection



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Aerial Photography

Dronespect is committed to revolutionizing commercial landscapes with cutting-edge drone technology. As a leader in commercial drone services, including drone inspection and drone photography, we boost business efficiency and productivity. Our mission focuses on elevating your visual storytelling and informed decision-making through advanced aerial solutions. Partner with Dronespect for customized drone services that transcend traditional boundaries, optimizing your operations and innovating within your industry

Our Mission

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Creative Content

Creative Content

Enhance your visual impact with Dronespect’s creative content services, utilizing advanced aerial photography drones for stunning results. We specialize in cinematic drone videos, perfect for commercial real estate videography and sports event coverage. Our expert team combines top-tier drone photography with skilled editing to craft visually compelling narratives that captivate and engage. Whether you’re showcasing properties or capturing the dynamic action of sports, our drone services deliver high-quality, professional footage that elevates your project

Construction Site

Construction Sites

Transform your construction management with Dronespect’s specialized drone services. Our expertise in drone construction photography and aerial drone inspections empowers your projects with precise aerial site surveys, efficient progress monitoring, and comprehensive safety inspections of hard-to-reach structures. By integrating advanced UAV technology, we provide invaluable insights that enhance safety, efficiency, and decision-making on construction sites. Trust our drone services to deliver detailed, accurate data that helps manage and document your construction projects effectively.

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Construction Site

Drone Photography Services excels in precise 3D mapping. Our experienced UAV pilots specialize in land surveying and construction, capturing oblique aerial images for detailed models. Our commercial drones cover large areas swiftly, ensuring uninterrupted flights with spare batteries. Our efficient cloud-based software constructs 3D models with pinpoint accuracy.


Industries Served

Industries Served

Telco Towers

Oil and Gas 

Drones are transforming internal inspections of condensate tanks by enhancing safety and efficiency. Equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors, these drones access hard-to-reach areas, quickly identifying issues like cracks and corrosion without human entry. This approach minimizes downtime and reduces maintenance costs, providing a cost-effective solution for routine inspections.

Real Estate photography

Drones are enhancing the real estate and film industries by providing unique aerial views and high-quality footage. In real estate, drones help create compelling listings that highlight property features, boosting buyer interest. In film, they offer dynamic aerial shots, reducing production costs and simplifying logistics. This technology improves visual capabilities and economizes operations in both sectors.

Real Estate 


Our GIS specialists are equipped with advanced UAV technology to enhance your projects through services like 3D city modeling, pre-construction aerial surveys, drone videos with geo-tagged information, and drone inspections.



We ensure all our drones are serviced and fully registered with CASA and are covered by Public Liability Insurance, so our clients have a safe piece of mind.

Wind Turbine Inspection

Explore the limitless possibilities of the open sky with Australia's leading drone services provider.

Specializing in drone surveys, drone inspection, and drone mapping, we deliver expertise, affordability, and precision. Our drone photography services, including drone photography in Gold Coast and drone construction photography, empower businesses to make informed decisions about their valuable assets with unmatched cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Experience the advantage of aerial data with our top-tier UAV services

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Aerial Inspection & Analysis

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